What is Oliflix?

Oliflix is ​​a passion for our roots in the culture and crafts of olive oil extra virgin as natural, trying to be faithful to our ancestors, with their wisdom and the desire to do a good work, in the organic cultivation of the olive and crafts processing, is the result of a young and dynamic team with excited to share our work for the maintenance of traditions in the production of oil in the purest artisanal way.

As with the mill, we have also recuperated the traditional elaboration systems of olive oil, so that we can enjoy an artisanal extra virgin olive oil, naturally elaborated with all our craftsmanship.

In addition we have an organic variety of the artisanal extra virgin olive oil. This variety comes from organically grown olives, whose olive-trees are not applied any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

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- 21/05/2019 -

In recognition of the very high quality of the extra virgin olive oil that we make, Olive Oil Times has awarded us the NYIOOC Silver Award for Oliflix.
Quality based, on the one hand, on its raw material, the olive, and on the other, in the process of making the oil extracted from this fruit.
Elaboration of extra cold pressed olive oil, using traditional machinery, which makes Oliflix, a peculiar and almost unique company in the European region, justly deserving of the award that has been granted.

- 10/04/2019 -

Pruning olive trees to produce new branches us the precious fruit, olives.

- 18/11/2018 -

Our olive trees already have their fruits, the olives, at their optimum ripeness point and ready to harvest.