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Oliflix is a small mill of olive oil that has been recovered after years of inactivity.
As with the mill, we have also recuperated the traditional elaboration systems of olive oil, so that we can enjoy an artisanal extra virgin olive oil, naturally elaborated with all our craftsmanship.

In addition we have an organic variety of the artisanal extra virgin olive oil. This variety comes from organically grown olives, whose olive-trees are not applied any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Terres Ebre

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¿Where is Oliflix?

Oliflix is situated in the superb meander of the River Ebro. It has an excellent communication system, by train or by road; it takes hardly 30 min. from Lerida to Flix and hardly 45 min. from l´Hospitalet to Flix.
We recommend you to visit the mill in the harvest time (winter). Visits, which are guided and free, are offered to students, academics, associations and public in general. For more information check contact page.
. We recommend you to make a reservation in advance.

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almost ancient olive tree 2016

Flix is a town in Catalonia, in the province of Tarragona, Spain. Part of the comarca of Ribera d'Ebre, situated north it. It borders with the regions of Segriá and Garrigues. Flix is situated on a magnificent meander of the river Ebro from which comes the name of the town (flexu, meander in Latin). It has a reservoir (1940), and a hydroelectric power plant.
As historical and artistic heritage, are the remains of a medieval castle (the old castle), New Castle (Carlist Wars) and the church of Our Lady of the Assumption (late Gothic).

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Terres Ebre In Oliflix we promote an ecological environment because ecological farming means that producers must respect and also protects the environment.

In the elaboration of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, besides the oil, we also obtain the “orujo” (the paste of the olives after pressing). Part of the “orujo” is used to heat the rooms and to obtain warm water (it is the BIOMASS), and the rest of the “orujo” is sent to other companies that extract oil from the “orujo”

The “alpechin” which is the vegetable water from the olive itself, is a very pollutant by-product for the acuifer systems due to its high content in organic matter. See the organic fraction in Appendix 1 and see the main components of the mineral fraction in Appendix 2.

In our programme for promoting the environment the “alpechin” is used as an organic fertilizer for sunflower, corn, barley and olive tree farms.


great taste gold 2006 If there were "Oscars" in the world of food they would be given by Guild of Fine Food Retailers. This establishment has had the pleasure of awarding Olidlix the silver medal in 2005 and the gold ones in 2006 and 2012 in reward for manufacturing the very best quality oil.

great taste gold 2012

The quality is based on its olives and on its manufacturing process to bring out the olive oil’s best qualities.

Production of the artisanal extra virgin olive oil, using traditional methods, so Oliflix is a company special and almost unique on an European scale and it deserves the award given to.

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Main components of the organic fraction of the alpechin

Component Quantity (gr/l)
Sugars 20 - 80
Nitrogenous substances 5 - 20
Organic Acids 5 - 10
Poly alcohols 10 - 15
Pectins, mucilages and Tannins10
Poly phenols 10 - 24
Fat 0,30 - 10
Font: J.A. Fiestas

Main components of the mineral fraction of alpechin

ComponentQuantity (p.p.m)
K 7.200
P 1.100
Ca 700
Mg 400
Na 900
Fe 70
Font: J.A. Fiestas

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