Elaboration of extra virgin olive oil
from first cold press

  • Reception of the olives. Olives are picked from the olive tree and directly transported in boxes so that they do not suffer any damage. Olives are cleaned of remains of dirt.
  • Immediately after olives are weighted, taken to the storage silos and afterwards they are ground by granite stones.

Porgadors olives

Overview of the mill granite stones
  • In the interior of the Oliflix house we find the heart of our craftsmanship, the granite mill, the basic principle in our elaboration of the extra virgin olive oil cool pressed of maximum quality.
  • The mill consists of two large granite stone wheels, each weighing 2000 kg. turning aspeed of 18 revolutions per minute.

  • When olives have been ground by the granite stones, they are emptied into a receptical for the olive bulk.
  • The process is completely done in cold.

Detail of the sink.

Opening the gate of the mill
  • In front of the sink you can see how the oil floats on top of the crushed olive paste.
  • The olive bulk is distribuited over the “capachos” (special esparto containers) in order to give a uniform pressing.

  • We put one “capacho” over the other with the olive bulk and when they get the maximum height it is time to put them into the hydraulic press.

Extending the paste over the "capachos"

Preparing the paste for the press
  • This is the final result of putting one “capacho” over the other with the ground olive bulk.
  • From the first pressing in cold we have the first olive juice, the extra virgin olive oil.

The oil from the first cold pressing.

Hydraulic press - 1941
  • The Oily Must that comes from the press goes to these deposit wells.
  • This liquid is made up of vegetable water from the olive itself (alpechin) and oil. They are separated due to the difference in density: - Oil 0,916 / Alpechin 1,052- The result is that the oil floats because it is lighter and water stays at the bottom. This is due to the difference in density.

Decanting deposits for natural settling of the oil

Decanting deposits
  • This is the final result of all the elaboration process of our oil.
  • Enjoy this beautiful ancient craftsmanship at home, enjoy the oliflix extra virgin olive oil cool pressed.
  • Experiment: We will need ½ glass of water and some oil. In the glass of water we add some oil, enough oil to cover all the surface. We will try to mix them using a small spoon and stirring well. Once this is done, let the mixture go down and see how the oil and the water separate completely.