Differences between filtered and unfiltered olive oil

Unfiltered olive oil retains some solids in suspension and small particles of water of the olive itself, due to the natural decantation itself, as it has not gone through the filtration process. For this reason, the unfiltered oils have a turbid appearance and the filtered oils have a more transparent and shiny appearance.

One of the advantages of unfiltered oil is that the consumer is sure that the oil is newly made and from the last harvest of olives. Unfiltered olive oils naturally decant in deposits. This process lasts between 3 and 4 months (there is no exact time, since it depends on the temperature and the variety). After decanting unfiltered oils, they acquire the same appearance as filtered oils.

Unfiltered oil is less attractive than filtered oils, the other disadvantage is preservation, as it is recommended that it be consumed whitin 2-3 months. This is due to the fact that unfiltered oils will decant in containers.

Our OLIFLIX extra virgin olive oil is filtered very gently, and a small dark pot on the bottom of the package may appear.